A Partial Selection of the Artist We Work With

Artist LayerCakeNY


Artist Michael Hamilton

Michael Hamilton

Artist Alan Brown

Alan Brown

Artist Justin Hart Fishman

Justin Hart

Artist Kristen Laczi

Kristen Laczi

Artist Thomas Bifunlco

Thomas Bifulco

Artist Mike Biegel Line Art

Mike Biegel

Artist Melanie Nieske

Melanie Nieske

Artist Marissa Levien

Marissa Levien

Artist Hillary Serota Needle

Hillary Serota Needle

Artist Candce Licalzi

Candice Licalzi

Artist Kelynn Alder

Kelynn Alder

Students of Trinity Wall Street

181” long mural –  What Do You Bring to the Table? Created by the students of the 2019 Advanced Art Class of Leadership and Public Service High School

Artist Beatrice Barkin

Beatrice Barkin

Artist Meagan Moore

Meagan Moore

Nicole Lasdin

Nicole Lasdin

Cailey McKenna

Cailey McKenna

Artist Juliet James

Juliet James

Michael Beda Topographical Maps

Michael Beda